Whether you’re re-branding a website or bricks and mortar retail store, or simply adding ecommerce to the mix, most companies need to rethink their brands from time to time.

If you’re very lucky, you can start at the beginning and re-evaluate the name of the company or product line in your rebranding strategy. It is the perfect time to weave your digital brand throughout your web design. The right name and the right tagline can be a game changer when re-branding your business, establishing who you are, why you’re different, what’s unique about you, and what’s your personality. When you’re marketing your product and services to customers and potential customers, you need to establish relationships with strangers and they are a curious bunch.

Re-branding Experience that Get Clients Ahead

These strangers (to your brand) have immediate access to the Internet and can read all about your competitors or stores at which they’ve had good or bad experiences. And when they look at your website, store signage, packaging, and even pre-sales support, they are mentally tallying whether you’re going to make their short list.

Companies are always looking for a creative branding agency with strong experience in their own brand category. And that’s not completely unreasonable. One hopes to get an agency that understands the vernacular and maybe the “secrets” of the industry. But the truth of the matter is that all clients are very different and it’s unlikely that a solution that works for one company will work for another. The idea of “best practices” assumes that one solution applies across the board. And that’s a false assumption.

Digital Re-branding Agency

A digital branding agency with strong experience in a brand has as many disadvantages as advantages. Their rebranding process might not try new approaches, but settle for what worked in the past. They might recirculate old ideas, without accounting for how much the market has changed. They might favor old media channels just as the new media become established.

These are all reasons why the first step with your rebranding project should be a Discovery Phase. It’s not just a way to bill more time (no, really!). It’s where the fresh perspective of a new agency can learn and reveal new truths about your brand. They need to know everything you know about your product lines, your future plans, your past reputation, what’s worked, what didn’t work, and more.

Hivemind Agency’s 3- Point Re-branding Strategy

Some agencies relegate this to a questionnaire but at HiveMind, we find that answers to questions don’t provide enough context for solid rebranding. It’s okay for facts and figures, but not for generating an accurate assessment of your situation.

1. We rely on information-gathering meetings guided by our general knowledge of your brand based on initial online research. So we sit down with you and your team and simply start asking questions. That’s our baseline, our reference point.

2. Next, still in the Discovery Phase, we supplement this rebranding Q&A with research, including online website research of competitors, as well as phone calls to customers, partners, and key staff. Now we’re getting a more complete, well-rounded picture of your brand, including its strong and weak attributes. We learn what’s been done so far, how decisions have been made with regard to product and company naming, positioning lines, messaging, and more.

3. We face and overcome challenges to identify differentiation opportunities that might change and enhance your brand. That’s our specialty. We understand what it takes to build a comprehensive brand experience and develop custom-fit creative solutions that make everything from your business cards and POS displays to your website and display advertising more exciting, dramatic, engaging, and clear.

6 Key Rebranding Strategies for Your Business Success

1. Building on your Past Successful History

2. Developing a Holistic Brand Theme

3. Brand Experts from Planning Phases to Full Execution

4. Continual Develop and Offer Broader Brand Expertise

5. Leveraging Existing Brand Equity and Remarketing

6. Ensure Interwoven Brand Integrity in Website Design

1. Building on your Past Successful History

Rebranding well means a business must be current and find a leading edge. Both facts and assumptions made when the brand was established may no longer hold true. Hivemind Studios analyzes niche changes in target markets when exploring opportunities for brand developing.

2. Developing a Holistic Brand Theme

We know that your brand is much more than your logo, letterhead, or corporate colors. Effective digital brands encompass much more: from creating emotional connections, enriching customer perception, posting a quality look and feel, rolling your brand into your tone and voice of communications, and more.

3. Brand Experts from Planning Phases to Full Execution

Effectively rebranding your image relies on a creative brief to keep you team focused as the project progresses forward. We cover and partner with our client on every need for situation analysis, creating clear objectives, understanding buyer personas, target markets, budget constraints, resources, timeframe, established parameters, approval processes, your stakeholders and metrics for assessing results.

4. Continual Develop and Offer Broader Brand Expertise

When we are hired as a branding consultant we are proud of your industry experience and the cutting edge digital brand building skills we offer. We continue to expand our niche and specific industry expertise, having well developed brand building for travel. Smart companies recognize the value of a fresh perspective.

5. Leveraging Existing Brand Equity and Remarketing

Your past and current brand equity can be deepened when you can resonate more with established customers. Re-branding overhauls can vastly expand a brand’s perception. We consider the needs and mindset of your target market thoroughly before building a re-branding plan. If your market seems to have stagnated, we love to rejuvenate and make a brand more relevant.

6. Ensure Interwoven Brand Integrity in Website Design

The integrity of your website’s design must be impenetrable to misinterpretation by implementing a consistent and manageable brand image. We know how to move through the website design stage based on professional experience and your insights of who you are. We offer a thorough design briefing, which includes aesthetic, communicative, technical and optimization requirements.

The Critical Role of the Strategic Brand: While branding has been traditionally perceived as a tool for fundraising and public relations, nonprofits can take a new approach to brand management that effectively drives their mission and maximizes impact. – www.hks.harvard.edu/hauser/role-of-brand/

6 Ways Hivemind Studios Can Help Build your Brand

1. Create compelling marketing communications that help your fashion brand get on the radar of your prospective clients.

2. Manage rebranding your website in a manner that shows you know and understand what buyers want from a brand.

3. Develop creative campaign ideas and unique story angles that fit for both your audience and your brand positioning.

4. Partner with you to build up your brand’s reputation by developing pitches that demonstrate your value back to your clients by giving the reasons to purchase form you and why working with you is a win-win.

5. Boost your brand’s influence with high value blog posts that drive social shares and backlinks to your brand’s content.

6. We develop ways to market you brand aggressively by making the first move to introduce your products and services and kick-start new business relationships.


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Your Website Rebranding Strategy

Your Rebranding Strategy

Take Your Brand Back to the Drawing Board

Author: Tom Lauck
Owner of Hivemind Studios
October 14, 2013
Updated:August 7, 2016

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