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MiLAN Technology Case Study

Business Challenge

With over 10 years industry experience, MiLAN Technologies knew networking inside out. The company offered a broad line of networking products — including switches, converters, hubs, wireless modems, and more — all with industry-leading quality, reliability, security, or scalability. But over the years, organizational and personnel issues resulted in a lack of confidence by key target audiences. A new President was brought in to stabilize the company and reset goals. HiveMind was asked to rejuvenate the company’s messaging and positioning to relaunch an exciting new product line.


Messaging and positioning were crucial for this resurrection to reach Network administrators in education and in mid-size organizations facing mobile implementation challenges. We wanted the first ad to relaunch the company, so to speak, generate tremendous awareness, and increase credibility of the organization. The headline of our first ad was:

Brings Wireless
Out of the Wilderness

The idea worked.


The advertising campaign suggested that the company was coming out of the shadows without explicitly stating or defending it. Subsequent ads all suggested emergence, which reinforced positioning using products as proof points.

Milan’s awareness increased exponentially from the first to the last and the new product lines gained immediate traction in the marketplace.


MiLAN Ad Campaign - first ad
MiLAN Technology Ad Campaign - 2nd ad
MiLAN Technology Ad Campaign - 3rd ad

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