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As a boutique digital marketing agency, we’ve found great success applying our Silicon Valley Experience to four different markets — Consumer Brands, Technology, Consumer Electronics and Startups — who are interested in creating a compelling journey from awareness to action. Based on working with major companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we understand the importance of developing a unique value proposition that will define your company and differentiate it from the growing list of competitors. Are you in one of these four markets? Call today and talk to a strategist for free. No sales pitch; just friendly conversation. We’ll listen to your situation and then try to answer your questions, so you can get started on a path toward greater traffic, conversions, downloads, and sales.


Tom is great! From our first meeting he was professional, responsive, and had great ideas. His methodical approach to marketing includes a full understanding of the broader universe his clients operate in.

Laura Boyd , CEO

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Do you need to talk with a digital marketing program director to get a second opinion, new ideas, or a question answered — without getting a sales pitch? Contact us today. We're always happy to discuss marketing situations and possible solutions. We have tremendous Silicon Valley experience providing creative marketing services & consulting to companies needing to create brand awareness, web traffic, leads and sales. Download any of our free Marketing Ebooks to learn more and we'll follow up with you at your convenience. Call HiveMind Studios at 408-266-3162 or send email to [email protected]