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In today’s fast consumer branding market, it’s hard to keep pace. Whether you’re an established brand or a fresh face, your brand story has to be well-defined, clever, compelling, even inspiring. You’re not only selling a product, you’re selling an experience. It’s a creative challenge to make people care. But an agency with fresh eyes, new ideas and strong consumer branding experience can help ensure your success.


This year, millennials are set to overtake baby-boomers as the largest living generation. More than any other past generation, millennials are making their mark on the world — changing the way we consume information and evaluate products and services. They’re also raising the bar for consumer branding experiences, company values, and community connections. It’s time to change the way you think about millennial marketing.

Credibility + Viability = Buy-ability

A fluid, intuitive ecommerce website is the best friend to your consumer branding. You need customer reviews, funnel optimization, A/B testing, creative advertising, SEO, PPC and social media initiatives, as well as a strong brand presence that establishes the credibility of your company. HiveMind Studios knows how to balance and blend these strategies into a coherent whole that excites, persuades and reassures prospective customers.

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Now you can steal sales from the big girls in fashion, accessories, luggage, package goods and more.


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By staying in touch with the lively San Francisco Bay Area, HiveMind Studios is one of a handful of Silicon Valley branding agencies in the area that specializes in launching new consumer brands from the United States and other companies around the world.

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