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Mobile Millennials Have Unique Control

This year, millennials are set to overtake baby-boomers as the largest living generation. More than any other past generation, millennials are making their mark on the world — changing the way we consume information and evaluate products and services. They’re also raising the bar for brand experiences, company values, and community connections. And this socially conscious generation values mission-driven organizations who operate with value transparency, honesty and authenticity. So that makes marketing to them much more difficult. But we can help you change the way you think about millennial marketing.

Millennials Marketing Phone Tricks

Reach a New Breed of Retail Shoppers

Customers today walk into your store with more information about your products than ever before. It means that your online profile, brand, and messaging must be carefully cultivated to reward prospective customers. Everyone — from the merchandising manager to the sales associates, to the marketing manager —has a new role.

HiveMind Studios know what works and what doesn’t. We’re super retail shoppers that tirelessly follow hundreds of brands, comparing shopping experiences with product quality and style. Our creative campaigns can make a difference in how customers perceive your brand. Just give us a chance.

Millennials Life Touch Marketing


Millennials have rejected old-school advertising. Unless you’re sharing a  #TBT with serious Mad Men style, this generation is quick to call out and avoid companies who use new social media channels instead of old media marketing.

In our experience, Millennials respond to marketing messages that involve thoughtful, intelligent storytelling. They embrace companies who align their marketing with a vision. And they choose small personal interactions over mass media ploys by huge conglomerates.

Millennial Marketing Shopping


Millennials value personalization, customization and prioritization. A trusted review and recommendation is worth its weight in gold. This demographic always reads and researches the best prices, the best products and the best service experiences before purchasing.

HiveMind Studios creates brand experiences that appeal to millennials because they are consistent across all points of contact, including your website, social channels, POS and visual merchandising. It’s a new world out there and your millennial marketing needs to create brand experiences that speak directly to this unique brand of consumer.

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