Does Twitter make you nervous? Follow our insights to be less confused and be empowered with knowledge.

For example, how do you make sense of so many simple social interactions, relevant to only one or two people? Or how do you move beyond shameless self-promotion tactics to generate authentic, engaging content, relevant to an industry rather than an individual? And how do you use Twitter to grab leads, convert sales and grow your business?

If you’ve asked yourself or your marketing team similar questions, we’ve got the answers lined up and ready to talk.

Twitter for Lead Generation

Twitter for Lead Generation

You can make Twitter one of the usual suspects in your campaigns to foster continuous, real-time engagement with your customers and prospects. You can spread the word about specific product offerings, and provide a forum for potential customers to learn more. Best of all, Twitter offers many opportunities for marketers to generate and collect leads.

Enter hashtags, the clickable tagging system that presents a fantastic opportunity for content marketers to identify social media conversations relevant to their business and get their content in front of the right people. Thanks to hashtags, Twitter is now a vibrant, interactive community where businesses can generate leads, and thought leaders can discuss relevant industry topics.

Promoted Tweets for Twitter LeadGen

To help with lead generation efforts, Twitter offers Promoted Tweets. These paid ads appear in a user’s feed, targeted to followers and users who fit specific criteria, such as:

  • Interests
  • Keywords in timeline
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Device
  • Similarity to existing followers

Use Promoted Tweets to provide timely and engaging offers. You can do something promotional like a contest, upcoming event, or demo or you can simply provide links to engaging thought leadership.

To track leads, you should connect Promoted Tweets to landing pages, where you can capture information.

Promoted Tweets in Twitter Searches

Much like Google Adwords or Bing paid search ads, you can also have Promoted Tweets appear in Twitter searches, based on particular keywords and hashtags. These are ideal for promoting fresh, relevant content offers, generating click-through rates between 8% and 17%.

You can also capitalize on key industry events, using Promoted Tweets in search results, to join relevant, timely conversations. By targeting event-specific hashtags and relevant keywords, you can tap into prime real-time lead-generating opportunities.

Promoted Accounts and Trends

Twitter also offers two additional promoted advertising options: Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends.

Promoted Account ads enable businesses to make their Twitter accounts show up under the ‘Who to follow’ list. This is targeted based on who a user typically follows, (e.g. a similar advertiser or an industry thought leader) or on search results.

Although pricey (~$200K), Promoted Trends enable a business or an individual to promote a particular trend or hashtag. This appears on the left-hand side of a user’s screen, under ‘Trends’.

Twitter LeadGen Cards

As evidence that Twitter wants to provide value to businesses looking to generate leads, Twitter also offers Lead Generation Cards, which enable businesses to collect lead information directly from Twitter. When individuals expand a tweet, they see a a description of your compelling offer and a form with Twitter handles, names, and email addresses are already filled in.

Keep It Real

Self-promotion is good for business, but not always via social media networks. if you limit your tweets to information about you and your company, it’s not going to work. You need to follow the 80/20 rule: make 80% of your content helpful or entertaining, and make only 20% promotional.

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