Blog Posts: Lessons learned after writing 100

In this post by SGRuby, you’ll learn how he got started, kept motivated, and delivered over 100 blog posts. It’s just the read you need to keep your own blog moving. Here’s a preview of lessons learned:

  • To Get Something Done…You First Need To Start.
  • There Is Inspiration All Around Us….You Just Need To Open Your Eyes And Observe, Not Just Look.
  • Lots Of Little Steps Gets You A Long Way.
  • You Learn To Stay Positive, And Avoid Controversial Subjects.
  • You Have To Have Great Attention To Detail.
  • Building A Following Is Harder Than It Seems.
  • It’s Difficult To Stay Focused On A Niche.
  • You Need To Be Organized.
  • You Need To Find And Use Great Blog Tools.
  • Commit To A Schedule And Then Keep To It.
  • I Learn More From Writing A Post, Than I Would From Reading One On The Same Topic.
  • Reader Feedback Is Amazing.
  • Writing Posts Is Just A Lot Of Fun.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams, Sixth US president . It’s hard to believe that has hit it’s 100th blog posting. I think it’s quite an achievement, …

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